About Us

Welcome To Hebron: A Place for Kings, A Home of Surprises


We are connected to Christ and through Christ to God, because it’s all about connection. So our vision is connecting men to God, the rich to the poor and the poor to the rich, the healthy to the sick and the sick to the healthy, the learned to the unlearned, by the Power of the Holy Spirit through God’s Inspiration.

A Pentecostal church in Nigeria that preach the total gospel of Jesus Christ, highly dynamic in the worship of God, dedicated to discipleship of believers, and committed to evangelizing the world, Kingdom Connection Ministries (KCM) aims to remain:

History of Kingdom Connection Ministries

As it is with every beginning of life, KCM started with its own share of challenges including the fear that if the Ministry will survive the raging storm of starting a ministry in the FCT (Federal Capital Territory). There was a lot of skepticism from distracters, as a matter of fact; some persons had passed a judgment that the infant growing Church KCM will die on immediately.

But with confidence in God, whose mercies endure forever, the Vision-bearer fought against the glaring odds. The journey started in a rented apartment place called Labour House where the payment of Four Thousand Naira per service was a big challenge.

To the Glory of God we ceased being tenant when the Lord blessed us with a parcel of land at Darkibiyu, Jabi District of Abuja, where we put up a structure and moved in, in the month of March 2009. Our inaugural service in Hebron was held on Saturday, March 7th 2009. We tagged our movement ‘Labour to Favour’ and we celebrate the anniversary every year.

Guarded by God, who gave the vision, we set out as a Full Gospel Church which is unconditionally Bible believing, Spirit filled and Spirit led with our members interest and welfare as a priority by ensuring a connection of the nobles to the down trodden, the learned to the unlearned, the rich to the poor and the unsaved to the saved. For Years of Gods Favour, we have fought on pursuing our mission of knowing God and making Him know